Water of Life Counselling

At Water of Life Counselling, we value our relationship with God and with our clients, and believe that these relationships are the beacon in the healing process. We work under a spiritual model that helps our clients become empowered by finding their answers in Christ, the Word of God, and through Christ-based relationships to support them in their journey. We believe that counselling should not be about a counsellor telling you what to do, but a counsellor is to encourage you through the Word of God, provide a listening ear to assist healing from past hurts, and facilitating growth through Biblical based and researched based exercises.

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How we help

→We meet with INDIVIDUALS

We work with all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. We are here to help you or your child walk through any stage of life, along with Christ driven psycho-education and encouragement.

→We sit down with the whole FAMILY

We believe family therapy is one of the best ways to heal unhealthy interactions between family members, and to support the Biblical structure and boundaries within the family. If you can heal a family, you can heal the individuals within it.

→We work with COUPLES

Being married can reveal some relationship strengths and weaknesses within the couple; this is normal. When relationship weaknesses arise, don’t sweep them under a rug. Whether it is premarital counselling or counselling after 30 years of marriage, now is the time to heal your relationship. You don’t need to wait for a crisis to seek counselling; learn more about yourself, your spouse, and your communication styles through evidence-based therapy.

→We facilitate GROUP THERAPY

We believe people can grow exponentially when placed in a safe environment to practice relationships. In Group Therapy, each individual learns more about themselves and learns healthy ways to deal with conflict. With a therapist guiding conversation, the group learns together how they can support each other, find their answers in each other, and how they can encourage each other to grow closer to God.

**If you believe you qualify for our sliding scale, please click on the “Download Application” button below for our SLIDING SCALE APPLICATION.

After you complete the application, click on the “I’m Interested” button below and attach your application. We will contact you within 24 hours. 

*All counselling sessions are conducted by registered Professional Marriage and Family Therapists : Alexander Rojas and Petra Rojas

Counsellors are registered with CCAA – Christian Counsellors Association of Australia